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OmniHub is a unique, all-in-one self-service unit, benefiting from ergonomic design and a convenience that is unrivaled. Customers can enjoy a wide range of services, whether you are in the food delivery, mail services, e-commerce and retail, or any kind of service company that can benefit from automated self-service points in key geographic markets and locations.

What companies would benefit from OmniHub?
  • Increase efficiency cutting down spendings on staff and rent
  • Widen market coverage
  • Cut down operational costs on logistics
Food delivery
  • Grow your customer base
  • Become closer to clients
  • Cut down operational costs
Real estate
  • Start earning on a previously unused space
  • Make residential complex more attractive
  • Increase convenience for your residents
  • Attract online shoppers to your stores
  • Make spendings on rent and staff more cost-effective
  • Provide your customers with self-service and no contact experience
Service companies
  • Increase the number of your location
  • Become closer to your clients
  • Cut down operational costs
How it works?
OmniHub Post
The clients makes an order online
The courier stores the parcel in the locker
The client gets SMS notification with the collecting code
The client enters collecting code and grabs the parcel
OmniHub Fresh
The client makes an order online and chooses OmniHub as the destination point
The courier stores the parcel in OmniHub
The client gets SMS notification with the collecting code
The client grabs the parcel
Get more out of self-service
For locations:
  • Install almost anywhere, even when space is limited
  • Grow your customer base, increase market share
  • Become an innovator in your sector, get ahead of the competition
  • Save time for your residents
  • Get QHub customized according to your brand
  • Automated solution that provides your clients with a variety of independant services
For services:
  • Operates 24/7
  • Reduce reliance on staff 
  • Reach new cities, countries, and regions without expensive retail locations and staff


All-in-One Self-Service Station for Everyone Anywhere
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