OMNIC has created a 3in1 automated multi-functional self-service department:

  • a dual-mode post office (a semi-automated department with operators for training the market in the daytime, an automated point for the delivery and reception of small-sized goods outside working hours)
  • Point of sale of goods through vending columns
  • Point of payment for services and additional services

The video is fully displayed working principle of the department


In less than 7 months OMNIC from scratch created a ready-made innovative logistics business for the client using Nogo immersion and involvement in the process:

  • At the research and strategic planning stage, 10 specialists from OMNI Consulting were involved.
  • Development of a software hardware complex and production of a standard sample department - 35 more professionals from the OMNI Core department were involved.
  • The team of the Modern Expo plant was responsible for the production and also performed titanic work - production of 400 departments for 3 months.
  • At the commissioning stage - about 60 service engineers across Ukraine installed a total of 400 branches - OMNI Core In parallel, a team of a contact center and recruiters (about 60 specialists) worked for a set of operators.
  • Intellectual property is an important issue to which we pay a lot of attention. The created product has been patented.


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