In early January, Omnic introduced QHub - innovative product - to the US market at CES, the largest consumer electronics trade show held annually in Las Vegas. QHub is a cross-industrial solution, a hybrid of a post office and a vending machine, where you can not only pick up a parcel from Amazon, but also buy a fresh salad for lunch or a hot burger, and even hand over dry cleaning items. Omnic notes that QHub can become a full-fledged business or a source of additional profit. It is installed in coworking, business centers, offices of large companies, residential complexes. Where millennials live and work, they want to buy products, services and goods in one place with minimal contact with strangers.

More than a thousand contacts with the device on CES confirm the hypothesis that such a solution is interesting for both the end consumer and our potential client - top management of large companies.


Video by the link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1OVaHusfCkagZnbNnDkg9mNjDIEmnTMcR/view?u...


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