PHP - this is a common general purpose programming language with open source. PHP is especially suited for Web-development and its code can be embedded into HTML. Opportunities

PHP can almost all, at least so say its creators;). The main area of ​​application is the PHP scripting that run on the server side. In addition to various operations with the contents of your html-documents with PHP, you can format the HTTP-headers, setting cookie, manage authentication, and redirect the user to another page. PHP provides a great opportunity for access to databases, allows the integration with various external libraries. This will allow you to do almost anything you want - from the generation of PDF-documents to detailed parsing of XML.


Consider some of the advantages of PHP:

  • All of the code is processed and executed on the server side
  • Supports a variety of databases (MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, etc.)
  • Is the software open source
  • Runs on different platforms (Windows, Linux, Unix like)
  • PHP is very easy to master
  • Many opportunities for the empowerment of language
  • Support for various Web servers

Thus, choosing as the programming language PHP, you have a tremendous opportunity to use the language, the freedom to choose the liked web server and operating system. Moreover, you have the choice of using an object-oriented programming (OOP) or procedural, or a combination thereof.

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