Omnic at the consumer electronics trade show in Las Vegas

OMNIC, an international company, introduced the world's first all-in-one self-service point at the largest consumer electronics trade show in Las Vegas. The technology was developed with the support of Berkeley University for robotics and last-mile technology in retail, logistics and e-commerce. People should spend time on what’s really important, and the technology will take care of the rest.The device is aimed at increasing the profitability of corporations, small and medium-sized businesses.
There are no boundaries for automation and the all-in-one Brandshub confirms this. The modular design facilitates easy customization and adaptability. With the help of Brandshub, you can really do everything: send and receive a parcel, hand things dry-cleaned, buy equipment or snacks in a vending machine. A wide temperature range (-18 ° C / + 60 ° C) makes it possible to order products from a supermarket or restaurant.
In addition to Brandshub, OMNIC introduced Pullman - robot for pharmacies, the automated restaurant Cuber Bruger and the new generation vending device - Cube Food.

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